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Gracias a todos ustedes de América del Sur que están visitando mi sitio web. Espero que disfruten de mi música y discos!

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** January’s Song of the Month **

‘Here Today and Gone Tomorrow’

‘Since You’ve Gone’

(Eddie Adamberry/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1975 E. Adamberry/T. Craig


I thought it might also be interesting to put up the original demo of ‘Loving on the Losing Side’.

Click here to listen to the demo of

‘Loving on the Losing Side’

Catching Up With The Past!


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January 2015


From Ian Levine’s definitive, Northern Soul compilation box set of dvds,



Tommy Hunt -‘Loving on the Losing Side’


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Here are a few of the songs and records, which I have written with various songwriters over the years. I am going to change the selection featured on this page on a regular basis, so check in again to hear more of my songs. I hope you enjoy them!

Song of the Month: ‘Café Au Lait’ - Eddie Adamberry (Demo)

Left column:

‘Party People’ - Champaign

‘Cannibals’ - Eddie Adamberry (Demo)

‘Living In An Ice Age’ - Robin George - Demo

‘A Sorry State of Affairs’ - Robin George - Demo

‘An Echo From The Past’ - Eddie Adamberry (Demo)

‘An Echo From The Past’ - The Mike Batt Production

‘Hot Lips’ - Kenny (Video)

‘Between Here And Now’ - Eddie Adamberry (Demo)

‘Love Is A Circus’ - (Demo)

‘Mr Misery’ - ‘Morgan Kent’

‘Bandits’ - ‘Daryl Braithwaite’

‘Loving You Is…’ - ‘The Chanter Sisters’

‘What A Fool I Must’ve Been’ - Eddie Adamberry (Demo)

‘Anytime’ - (Demo)

‘I’m A Bloodhound’ - Eddy Adamberry

Right column:

‘Loving On The Losing Side’ - Tommy Hunt (Video)

-Produced by Ian Levine for ‘City Centre Records’

‘Advertising Jingles’ - Eddie Adamberry

‘Since You’ve Gone’ - Eddie Adamberry (Demo)

‘Loving You Is…’ - Eddie Adamberry (Demo)

‘Captain Jones’ - Eddie Adamberry

-The first Eddie Adamberry/Tony Craig song released on record!

‘Little Miss Business!’ - ‘Eddie Adamberry’ (Demo)

‘I Want Tomorrow Today!’ (Demo)

‘Vertigo’ - Eddie Adamberry (Demo)

‘In The Early, Early Morning’ - Clare Torrey

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‘Evette -Woolworth’, ‘Dutch Diary Products’
(Windmills), ‘Edam Cheese’ - Eddie Adamberry
‘Time for a Commercial Break’

As well as writing and producing pop records and songs, Eddie and I wrote advertising jingles for such ad campaigns as ‘Evette Beauty Products’, (Woolworth cosmetic range), ‘Ultra-Brite’ toothpaste, Ajax Household Cleaner’, ‘Dutch Butter and Cheese’, ‘Us’ Deodorant’, ‘Courts Furniture Store’ etc

For a time, our jingles were being played on UK commercial television virtually every night of the week. I have to confess I used to watch TV for the commercial breaks! One of Eddie’s music tracks, ‘Windmills’, especially commissioned by the Dutch Diary Board for a 45 second ad extravaganza - a beautifully shot film of Holland’s landscape - was such a great success that people used to call up the TV station for the name of the music. It was later recorded on the album of ‘The Top TV Themes’ for that year! (Yes, there were such albums back then!). This is the album version, Eddie’s original soundtrack is much better. It actually sounds Dutch! Have a listen and see what you think!

‘Edam Makes The World Go Round’


The original ‘Windmills’

Dutch Diary Board’


‘Since You’ve Gone’ - ‘Eddie Adamberry’

This is a recent-ish recording and is Eddie with a touch of the Bublés about him! I do like this version and it really brings this song alive.

It was recorded at Eddie’s own studio in North London with him playing all the instruments. Talented guy, eh!

‘Love Is A Circus’ - ‘Demo’

This song, another one written with Eddie Adamberry, is one of my favourites. It is a pop song! No apologies for that. I really like it, but then I’ve always been a pop music fan too! ‘Love Is A Circus’ is the kind of song which gets into your head. I hope you all like it too!

‘Love Is A Circus’

(Eddie Adamberry/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1975 E. Adamberry/T. Craig


‘Love Is A Circus’


‘What A Fool I Must’ve Been’ - ‘Eddie Adamberry’

It’s back to Motown this week with a very early Adamberry/Craig song. It was so long ago, we can’t even remember where we recorded it nor the names of the backing singers! It’s dreadful how the memory goes!

However, it has a great feel to it and I think it still sounds good! Not bad for a four track demo where you have to mix down as you go and hope that you’ve got it right, as there is no going back if you haven’t! Anyway, I do hope you enjoy listening to it!

‘What A Fool I Must’ve Been’

(Eddie Adamberry/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1972 E. Adamberry/T. Craig


‘What A Fool I Must’ve Been’

counter in iweb

‘Between Here And Now’ - ‘Eddie Adamberry’

Another song written with Eddie Adamberry, a touch of romance here, methinks. It has a great music arrangement and a superb vocal performance by Ed, (well, I am a bit prejudiced, I suppose.).

It’s one of the songs, which was going to be on our ‘definitive’ album, which sadly never got made! Never mind, the song is still here. I hope you like it!

‘Between Here And Now’

(Eddie Adamberry/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1975 E. Adamberry/T. Craig


‘Between Here And Now’


‘Cannibals’ - ‘Eddie Adamberry’

OK, so who am I to say, but I think that this song is one of the best Eddie Adamberry and I wrote and I love this version of it sung and produced by Eddie in his North London studio. In fact, it’s very much a one man effort with Ed playing and singing all the parts!

Again, this song was going to be part of an album which, sadly never got made, but would have featured all our best songs. Such is life!


(Eddie Adamberry/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1975 E. Adamberry/T. Craig




‘Party People’ - ‘Champaign’

This is the only song I can ever remember putting a lyric to the finished music. Normally, it’s the other way around. I met Terry Shaddick in L.A. and we wrote this song before he had his massive hit with Olivia Newton-John and ‘Physical’.

I was out of the States and when I got back to L.A., Champaign were just about to happen with ‘How ‘Bout Us?’. Terry had decided to hold back the news till I returned of Champaign recording ‘Party People’ for the album featuring ‘How ‘Bout Us?’.

‘Party People’

(Terry Shaddick/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1979 Floating World Music/T. Craig


Talk about a surprise! We had a track on an LP with its first single heading up the U.S. Billboard charts!

We even got a gold disc for album sales, which, I might add, hangs proudly on my  study wall!

‘An Echo From The Past’ - ‘Eddie Adamberry’

‘An Echo From The Past’

‘Eddie Adamberry’

(Eddie Adamberry/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1972


‘The Original Demo’


‘The Mike Batt Production’


Here’s two versions of this song. The first one is our original demo, (the ‘wall of sound’ version) and the second is a ‘Mike Batt’ production with full orchestra and brass, which you’d expect from the Maestro. Mike’s version was recorded at Lansdowne Studios in London, but never released. Between the two of them, I think there is a great song trying to get out!

Unfortunately, music styles have changed and it is probably a bit too late for its revival, but I still like the song. It was one of the first songs, which Eddie and I wrote together.

The ‘orchestral’ ‘Windmills’

Dutch Diary Board’


‘A Sorry State of Affairs’

This is a just a guitar/vocal demo of a song, which I wrote with Robin George, a really talented rock musician. Writing with a rock guitar aficionado was completely different from my other collaborations and I think you can hear it on the track too. Robin got some great guitar riffs going and I would’ve loved to have heard a full-blown, studio recording of this song. The potential is there in this demo, even though it is raw and virtually made just after we had finished writing the song. It is a bit frustrating to know that I will probably never hear what this song could’ve sounded like!

‘Living In An Ice Age’

This time, it is an acoustic guitar/vocal demo of a song, which, again, I think had a lot going for it, but which never got recorded. I’m sorry for the lumps and bumps in the background; they could well have been me. By the way, I’m posting these raw demos because, even in their preliminary state, they are a part of my catalogue, warts and all!

‘A Sorry State of Affairs!’

(Robin George/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1977 Robin George/Tony Craig


‘Living In An Ice Age’ / ‘A Sorry State of Affairs’- Robin George

‘Living In An Ice Age’

(Robin George/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1977 Robin George/Tony Craig


‘Living In An Ice Age’

‘A Sorry State of Affairs!’

‘Bandits’ - Daryl Braithwaite

Daryl Braithwaite was the lead singer with the Australian group, ‘Sherbet’, who had a world-wide hit in the ‘70s with the song, ‘Howzat!’. ‘Bandits’ appeared on his first solo album, ‘Out On The Fringe’.

Once upon a time, I lived for a while in Los Angeles and I wrote this song with Terry Shaddick, who co-wrote ‘Physical’ for Olivia Newton-John at the start of the ‘80s. ‘Physical’ still is Number 6 of the All-Time Hit Records on the Billboard charts. It was a short and productive period writing with Terry and a great collaborative experience.


(T. Shaddick/T. Craig)

Copyright © 1977 Floating World Music/Tony Craig


‘Out On The Fringe’


*NEW* - ‘Hot Lips’ - Kenny

Kenny were second behind The Bay City Rollers in terms of the popularity of 70’s ‘teenybop’ glam rock bands. When they switched record labels and their songwriting team, their new label, Polydor, was looking for material and we got their first single release on their new label. It should’ve been a shoe-in for a hit, but, just before its release, their former label and management sued them for breach of contract, (as far as I remember).

The court case was messy and the publicity and delay did the group no good. It charted in the UK and made ‘Top Of The Pops’, but the impetus was lost by then.

It was a Top Ten record in Germany, though. This video is from one of the many German TV pop shows they performed. Pretty bad miming, eh? Still, it was fun while it lasted!

Back then in the 70’s, sheet music was readily available for all chart records. The sheet music copy opposite of ‘Hot Lips’ cost 30p. A copy is currently available online today for sale from a specialist Sheet Music dealer for the price of £15! If I had known back then how much ‘Hot Lips’ would appreciate in value over the years as sheet music, I would’ve put all my money into buying up copies of it! Mind you, I am a bit dubious about the current state of the demand for it?

‘Hot Lips’ - Kenny (Adamberry/Craig), Copyright © 1975 peermusic

Some of the LP covers of albums where ‘Hot Lips’ and Kenny have been featured

‘Hot Lips’ - Kenny

The Sheet Music

‘Mr Misery’ - Morgan Kent

I never quite knew whether this record was a joke or not. If it was, nobody told me! Morgan Kent was a drummer and quite mad, as most drummers are. He did loads of sessions for us and often asked us to write a song for him. ‘Mr Misery’ was perfect, as Morgan’s claim to fame as a singer was his Elvis Presley impersonation. This was before Elvis was dead and the Elvis impersonator market was still in its infancy.

The recording session was hysterical! His lip curled the minute the backing track came on. He couldn’t help himself. Unfortunately, the record died a death, though Morgan being Morgan did manage to get it about in the East End of London. He had this lady friend, who was a stripper on the London pub circuit back then and apparently, ‘Mr Misery’ is a great tune to take your clothes off to. Unfortunately, I never got to see a performance, but Morgan did assure me that it was all very tasteful and her artistic interpretation of my lyrics would have done Wordsworth proud!

I love ‘Mr Misery’ and, if I were ever to make a record, Heaven forbid, it would definitively be on the cd!

‘Anytime’ - Demo Vocalist

Anytime’ is another one of those songs which I wrote with Eddie Adamberry that I really love! OK, I know I wrote it, and I should be suitably modest about it, but it is the kind of song which I grew up to. So, it is hardly surprising that I came up with something like it. ‘Anytime’ was written for Diana Ross and The Supremes, though not being at Motown at the time, there was never the remotest likelihood that she would ever get to hear it.

It may sound a bit dated today, but it still bounces around like a good’un! Besides which, it brings back some fond memories. So, do have a listen. I hope you enjoy it too!


(Eddie Adamberry/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1973 E. Adamberry/T. Craig


‘I’m A Bloodhound!’ - Eddy Adamberry

This song was released as a single on Pye Records in 1973 as yet again another spelling mistake, ‘Eddy’ for ‘Eddie’. But what’s in a name! However, it has some wicked strings on it, arranged by Jules Freedman. There is also a tasty piano part going on in the background, which gradually takes over at the end of the record.

The original demo session is one, though, which I will never forget! The tape was still running at the end of what became the final take when everybody launched into an incredible jam and the song just took off. It lasted for about 15 minutes and was pure magic! The session piano player was inspired. Everyone followed his lead. Unfortunately, the demo was faded out at about 4 minutes and we never kept the full tape. Stupid!

‘I’m A Bloodhound’


Copyright © 1973 Chappell & Co


‘Loving You Is…’ - The Chanter Sisters

‘The Chanter Sisters’, Doreen and Irene, came from a family of singers and were well-known session players in the ‘70s and sang background vocals on many albums. They also first recorded under the name of ‘Birds of a Feather’.

‘First Flight’ was the first album recorded under their own name, ‘The Chanter Sisters’ and was produced by ‘Roger Cook’, the songwriter/producer, who wrote, among other songs, ‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’, which was featured in a major ‘Coca Cola’ ad campaign and was a world-wide hit for ‘The Seekers’.

I really liked their version, which has a delicate flavour. Unfortunately, the singles taken from the album failed to break through. ‘Side Show’ was the most successful and made the lower end of the Top 50 singles chart. In those days, without a hit single, albums struggled to sell to beyond the artist’s own fan base.

‘Loving You Is…’


Copyright © 1975 peermusic


‘Loving You Is …’ Eddie Adamberry  - Demo

Here’s Eddie A.’s own take on ‘Loving You Is …’, a complete contract to the ‘Chanter Sisters’ and ‘Tommy Hunt’ versions. I think its’ a great performance!

‘Loving You Is …’

(Eddie Adamberry/Tony Craig)

Copyright © 1976 peermusic


Ahoy, there, Cap’t Jones!

Captain Jones - Eddie Addenberry


Copyright © 1974 Chappell Music


‘Captain Jones’ was my first ever record to be play-listed on the radio back then in the days when BBC Radio 1 was all powerful, (well, there really wasn’t any competition, no MTV and commercial radio was just starting!). I recall getting up at the crack of dawn to hear Tony Blackburn, who then was one of the biggest deejays around, introduce it for the first time on his breakfast show. It’s a great ego trip hearing your record being played over the air, even if you’ve listened to it already a countless number of times before while making it! Do have a listen to the record in full!

‘In The Early, Early Morning’ - Clare Torrey

Here is a recording of the first 7”, vinyl single record that I ever had released. ‘In The Early, Early Morning’ is sung by Clare Torrey, who performed that incredible vocal solo on the song, ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’ on Pink Floyd’s legendary album, ‘Dark Side of The Moon’.

Even if you haven’t heard of Clare by name, if you lived through the seventies and eighties, you probably heard her singing. She was very much in demand for television commercials and anybody who was about back then should remember the Cadbury Flake TV advert. Well, that was Clare! (Singing, not in the bath!).

It was just great of her to sing, ‘Early Morning’, (even if she got a couple of the words wrong, but, then, don’t we all!)


‘In The Early, Early Morning’ - Clare Torrey


Copyright © 1972 Edwin H Morris Music


‘Little Miss Business’ - Demo

This is a guitar/vocal demo of one of Eddie Adamberry and my songs , which I really like. Eddie is singing and playing.

I have always thought that this song would make a great, live audience, stadium rock song.

I hope you like it too!

‘Little Miss Business’


Copyright © 2012 Adamberry/Craig


‘A song from a 1980’s Project of Mine’

I had this idea to create songs for a ‘kickass, teenage girl singer, who could really put on a great live show. The songs came along in the ‘post punk’ period. The idea was right and there was a lot of energy about the songs. They were fun and supposed to be sassy.  ‘I Want Tomorrow Today!’ is sadly still topical, the way the world is today for a lot of kids!

All I have left of the project is a rough mix on a cassette tape. It is not the best of quality, but it gets the idea over, the energy and the potential for a great live act.

Unfortunately, I just could not get the project off the ground. You needed lots of money back then to keep recording, no doing it in your bedroom on your PC!

I can’t even remember the name of the girl singing. I do remember that she was as cute as you’ll ever see! And blonde!

‘I Want Tomorrow Today’


Copyright © 1980 Craig/Jaye


‘Vertigo’ - Eddie Adamberry

This song was written long before U2 were even born as a group, long before their hit of the same name. There is a completely different version of the song, but this version is the one that most people seem to prefer. I like both of them, but then I am prejudiced! (Maybe, one day, I will post the original version, so that you can see how one lyric can spark two, completely different musical approaches.)



Copyright © 1975 Adamberry/Craig


‘Evette Beauty Products’


‘Mr Misery’


Copyright © 1975 peermusic



(T. Shaddick/T. Craig)

Copyright © 1977 Floating World Music/Tony Craig


‘Out On The Fringe’


I’d love to hear what you think of my music.

Do click here to email me!

I’d love to hear what you think of my music.

Do click here to email me!

‘Here Today and Gone Tomorrow’ was originally recorded by an Irish singer called Maxi and then subsequently became a Top Ten hit in Canada for a Canadian group called ‘Wednesday’.

It was one of the first songs, which I wrote with Eddie Adamberry and was very much a pop song of its time.

I thought it might be interesting to put up Eddie’s original version of this song too.

‘Here Today, Gone Tomorrow’


Copyright © 1973 Chappell



Eddie Adamberry